Off-Site Construction
Rapid Installation
Zero Avoidable Waste

Akustak®, by Mute Group, is a patented, acoustic modular wall system.

Designed for materials optimisation and off-site construction, Akustak® eliminates waste during manufacture and installation, whilst its unique demountable form facilitates recovery and reuse at the point of deconstruction.

Akustak® has been laboratory tested for fire safety and resistance to sound, guaranteeing Building Regulations – Part B and E compliance.

Prefabricated and portable, Akustak® radically reduces construction timescales, with systems installed from 15 m2/per hour.

How Akustak® Works:

Step 1

Supporting frame installed

Step 2

Modules manufactured

Step 3

Wall assembled

Step 4

Wall plastered and/or decorated
Only applies to Akustak® standard finish

Akustak® Configurations

Advantages of
Optimizing Project Efficiency
from Beginning to End.

Quick & Easy Access On-Site

Measuring ≤ 0.8 m2 / 25 kg, per module, Akustak® can be safely manually handled by one man (as per HSE guidelines), fitting through narrow staircases and corridors and inside elevators. Moreover, its intelligent, stackable design, minimises transport movements, at the point of delivery, and storage demands on-site.

Rapid Installation

Prefabricated and portable, Akustak® transforms interior wall construction into a rapid process of assembly; from 15 m2/per hour, subject to configuration.

Meticulous Workmanship

Precision engineered, in a factory environment, Akustak® accurately interconnects, to form pre-specified wall sizes; minimising on-site errors and re-work.

Minimised Noise, Dust & Disruption On-Site

Manufactured off-site, Akustak® minimises trades and site activities; typically, installations require 1 to 2 fitters, a cordless drill and basic hand tools. This too, enhances health and safety standards on-site, including Covid-19 infection prevention and control.

Zero Avoidable Waste

Designed for materials optimisation and off-site construction, Akustak® eliminates over-ordering and expendable off-cuts, during manufacture and installation. Moreover, its unique demountable form, facilitates recovery and reuse, at the point of deconstruction.

Building Regulations Approved

Laboratory tested for fire safety (BS EN ISO 1364-1) and resistance to sound (BS EN ISO 10140-2 & 717-1), Akustak® (standard finish) guarantees Building Regulations – Part B and E compliance. Aku125 (standard finish), provides 79 minutes fire resistance and Rw 49 dB airborne sound insulation.

Outstanding Airborne Sound Insulation
& Fire Resistance Performance

Laboratory tested across the product range, Aku125, Aku133 and AkuStudio (standard finish) provide airborne sound insulation values of Rw 49, 43 and 62 dB, respectively.

Additionally, Aku125 (standard finish) has been laboratory tested to provide 79 minutes fire resistance.

End-User Flexibility

Ply-lined, as standard, Akustak® enables secure surface-mounted fixtures and fittings, e.g. radiators, shelving units, TV brackets, etc…, without the need for reinforcements and/or wall plugs, whilst alternative fascias are available, e.g. plywood, rather than plasterboard, for greater robustness, ease of disassembly and/or decorative effect.

Additionally, Akustak®, through its unique demountable form, facilitates recovery and reuse, at the point of deconstruction.

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